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Number of CMAs in the US and Worldwide (2009 – 2016 Statistics)

IMA used to release a lot of interesting statistical information on candidates in the past. They have now chosen to disclose only the following data:

  • 4000 CMAs granted each year on average
  • 55,000 CMAs awarded to date

Occasionally, The IMA official publication, Strategic Finance Magazine covers this topic with a lot more details. Here is the summary of the latest article, published in September 2016.

In FY2016, more than 3,838 new professionals earned the CMA credential:

number of cma new 2016

18,761 new candidates joined the program during this period, an all-time high and a 20% increase from 15,574 in fiscal year 2015:

The CMA program itself has achieved an annualized growth rate of ~20% for the past six years. To date, more than 50,000 professionals around the world have earned the CMA credential. Among them, around 30,000 are active holders.

In terms of IMA membership, which includes active CMAs and those taking the CMA exam, there are 80,000 members all together in 140 countries and 300 chapters.

If we look at the trend regionally, there has been a rapid rise in international members, with more than 9,000 and 5,000 candidates from Asia-Pacific and Middle East respectively.

Here is the top eight countries by the number of individuals sitting for the exam:

  • China (45%)
  • US (18%)
  • UAE (9%)
  • Egypt (4%)
  • India (4%)
  • Saudi Arabia (4%)
  • Jordan (2%)
  • Kuwait (2%)

Source: SF Magazine (Sep 2016)

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