CMA Exam Study Planner to Download and Customize (It’s Free!)

This is the page where you can download my CMA exam study planner, for Gleim and Wiley CMA Learning System, as well as one directly from Hock International. Disclosure: The I Pass Team may be earn a small amount of compensation if you purchase from our links; our team uses these revenues to maintain the site and produce awesome free content just for you!

This study planner is essentially an excel spreadsheet that helps you to:

  • Identify the number of study hours you have each week
  • Take into account the vacation days in between
  • Calculate the time required to go through all exam materials based on the number of hours you have
  • Specify the start and ending dates of each study unit so you can closely monitor your progress in the calendar

My CMA Exam Study Planner: Walk Through Video

The spreadsheet is pretty much self-explanatory, but to ensure everyone uses it correctly, I’ve made this screen capture video showing how it works.

Download and Free Trial Area

This file contains worksheets for Part 1 and Part 2, and is automatically downloaded to your computer after clicking. Please check your desktop or download folder:

Gleim CMA Free TrialWiley CMA free trial(Study planner available
for Hock students only)

Further Explanation on Gleim / Wiley CMA Exam Study Planner

For those who have slower internet connection, you might want to refer to this instruction in text format.

I am showing you a screenshot of the first page of this CMA exam study plan. The area highlighted in yellow is the input area. In other words, don’t type outside the yellow boxes or you may alter the formulas and affect the calculations.

Gleim CMA Exam study planner

1. Mark Your Study Time By the Hour of Each Week

You will see a time schedule from Monday to Sunday, and each day broken down into 20 working hours.

To get started, put an X in each time slot that is available for study. In this example, I need to take care of my kids most of the time, so 2-4pm from Monday to Friday is the only study time I have.

In this case, the total number of hours in each weekday is 2 hours, and the total number of study hours each week is 10 hours.

2. Mark Your Days Off

There are times when you need to take a few days off from the study. Whether it is a scheduled break or a work/family commitment e.g. attending a wedding, you can input the dates in the “days off” column and the study planner will adjust accordingly.

For those who plan to study every day including the weekends, it is most important to schedule some breaks in between to make it a more realistic and workable study plan.

3. Basic Study Mode

Unit 1-13 refer to the study modules presented in Gleim CMA Review System. The title of the units are shown on the lower left hand side of the screenshot above for your information.

The “basic study mode” follows the general suggestions from Dr. Gleim on how to use the Gleim CMA Review System. I also included extra review time based on my own experience.

This default schedule assumes 6 hours on average to complete each study unit, which is more or less what I needed for my own exam. You may also make changes to any of the assumptions in the second page of the spreadsheet if you want to adjust the number of minutes required for each module.

4. Comprehensive Study Mode

The basic study mode assumes you go through the entire Gleim CMA Review System and work on 20 multiple-choice questions in each study unit. In this mode, you will need 61 hours to cover part 1.

In my opinion, working on only 20 MC questions is not enough to pass. So here is comes the comprehensive study mode.

The comprehensive mode assumes that you work on the rest of the practice questions available in the Gleim test prep software. It also includes the time that you need to redo and re-review the incorrect questions. In this example, you will need 122 hours to cover part 1.

Mark It On Your Calendar

You can play around in the yellow input area to create your own optimal study plan. Once it is done, print out the first page of the excel sheet and stick it on the wall so you know the exact time for the study.

It is also a good idea to make the starting and ending date of each study unit on a big wall calendar or your favorite portable device to facilitate tracking of your progress.

Further Explanation on Hock CMA Exam Study Planner

This study planner by Hock assumes that you spend 8-10 hours per week. Both Part 1 and Part 2 review require 16 weeks, which translates to approximately 110 to 150 hours of preparation for each part of the exam. For now, this study planner is in PDF format and is not interactive.

What’s Good about this Study Plan

It is designed by the Hock CMA itself, and therefore, it should match with what the provider is expecting you to cover the materials.


The plan is a PDF file, which lacks the flexibility to customize the plan based on your own exam date and schedule. Also, it is very text based and not user-friendly in my opinion. Even if it is not interactive, I prefer a bullet-point format.

Can I Make Suggestions on These Study Planners?

Sure! I welcome any ideas to improve this planner so any suggestion (for your own or general use) is most welcome. I can’t promise to cater every request, but you can certainly drop me a note below or contact me via Facebook and I will see what I can do.

Download The Study Planner and Sign up for Free Trials Today!

Gleim CMA Free TrialWiley CMA free trial(Study planner available
for Hock students only)

For Your Further Reading

About the Author Stephanie Ng

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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  • Michele says:

    Are you taking the CMA this time around?

  • Sundar says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    That was a great effort..
    Thanks for your support and help in guiding the CMA candidates to achieve their targets.

  • Vinoth says:

    Hi thanks for your efforts. Can i get like the same for Part 2 as well.

  • Deepak says:

    Thts a wondeful effort and successful too.
    seems u r going for CMA … did u earned the Qualification.
    I just took Gleim for CMA as I will be appearing it in December for Part 2.
    Did u made the said planner all by urself or was it provided by Gleim?
    can i get the same for Part 2?

    • Yes I did that for my own part 1. I made it but was vetted by the Gleim team with some helpful suggestions. I know I owe you all the one for part 2, will do after I return from my vacation home 🙂

  • Rajat says:

    Hey Stephanie i just wanted to know whether i should refer the suggested reading given on cma website like the book cost management a strategic emphasis rather than going for review courses???
    plzzz help

  • Mahmoud Abdallah says:

    Hello .. which part should I start with .. to save time ( Budgeting or Management performance, or cost ) ?? and how many hours per day I need to study ??

    • Hi Mahmoud, it really depends on your area of expertise. If you are better in cost accounting and internal control, then Part 1 is good. If you are good at financial management, then Part 2 would be easier to clear. For number of hours, again it varies greatly among candidates, but IMA suggests something like 100-150 hours for each part of the exam. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  • ryan justin Talavera says:

    Thanks stephanie big help for us

  • ryaz says:

    Hi there, Iam using wiley material part 2 can you please send me part2 time table for study .

    • Sorry, not available yet, planning to get it done once I finish updated this Gleim spreadsheet to the 2015 version. Currently getting it vetted by the Gleim Team. Regards, Stephanie

  • Menon says:

    Hi Stephy,
    Please share the Part2 time table if its ready. Even I follow the Gleim materials.

  • Wessam says:

    Hello Stephanie,

    Firstly I’d like to thank you for your valuable assistance, I’ve downloaded the Excel Sheet, however it’s not the same one on the video; it’s older version for the old exam which designed for 10 study units not 13
    please revise it or advise.


  • Yousuf says:

    I would like to know if I can study not in sequence, for ex I will go for Study Unit 4 than5 than 1, how can I change the planner accordingly. The formula is bit tricky.


  • Ishoe says:

    I am studying CMA of other country. But I really liked this planner. Can I modify number of pages and sections in this planner? Because I have more sub-topics and my exams are in December 2015. Please provide us one ultimate master planner which is flexible enough to modify dates, pages and sections.

    • Hi yes you can certainly customize it for your own use. There is a tab listing the number of study units/chapters that you can modify. Best of luck on your exam! Stephanie

  • SM says:

    Hi Stephanie, Are these study planners updated for 2016 version of Gleim? TIA

  • Adam says:

    Stephanie –
    I have a question regarding the study planner: On the “Part 1 Assumptions” tab, in cell D5 there is a comment that reads “General assumption: 30 minutes for a study unit with 150 practice questions”. However Gleim only includes 20 questions per multiple choice quiz (1 &2), so I’m uncertain what the 150 number means?

    • Hi Adam, I use the formula to estimate the time required for each study unit, and I assume that the size of the study unit to be proportional to the number of practice question. In other words, if the study unit A has 100 questions and unit B has 200 questions, then a typical candidate take twice as long to study for Unit B than Unit A.

      The Gleim team assumes that for a unit with 150 questions, it takes about 30 minutes to study for that. I know the number of questions in each unit, and so I estimate the time required accordingly.

      You can certainly override it if you think a unit is harder/easier for you. Hope it helps!

  • Rishikesh Sarma says:

    How to download the spreadsheet?

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    Hi Stephanie,

    Unable to download Gleim study planner

    Please advise.

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    Unable to download Gleim study planner

  • Bala says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    It differs from each individual based on his academic background, work experience, confidence levels at the start of studies etc. In my case, I developed my own calendar (I believe preparing your own in black and white in traditional way keeps you committed rather than some third party prepares online for you) and followed strictly and clocked more than 30 hrs per week for straight 14 weeks leading to May 12th D-DAY for my recently passed out Part 1.

    Key here is though you abide by calendar, one must ensure not to go to other topic if the previous topic concepts are thoroughly not understood. And above all this, is “how much one retained learned concepts each week” and here it makes difference. Revision, Recall before proceeding to new topic.

    Hope it helps.

  • Samer says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for your great effort, could you please give me an advice of how can i set a plan “an excel format” for studying cma part2 Hock material , just like the glime study plan you prepared.
    That’s because i’m studying from Hock material
    Thank in advansed

    • Hi Samer, maybe you can use my existing Gleim worksheet and modify it from there? I don’t have access to Hock and so I am afraid I can’t be too helpful on this. Regards, Stephanie

  • Arun says:

    Hii… Am soo cofusses about this cma.. I really don’t know to prepare and…wtstudy materal I should use..can any one plz help no

  • Satish Damodaran says:

    I plan to sit for the June/July Window for part I.I have previously studied but never attempted exam and I now need to focus and clear the exam.
    I have downloaded the timetable and plan to follow.
    Is there anything else that should help me and keep me motivated?
    Iam using Gleim.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • kareem says:

    hello Stephanie
    first i want to thank you for sharing such an awesome planner .. second i want to know if its possible to change the required hours to study a unite cuz it takes longer than 6 hours to finish a unit.
    thank you.

  • Deepak says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I have completed my graduation this year.
    Wanna ask that should I go for CMA, if yes. So I want to tell you that I’m not good in accounts.
    Please give me suggestions.

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    Can i appear for the CMA exams nefore completing my graduation? I am currently in my Second year of graduation.

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    Do you have a study planner available for the CMA part 2 test using Gleim 2018 by chance?

    Thank you!

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    I have completed my graduatio in commerce..currently working in BPO and wanted to drop out from job and take up CMA(India) so, is it so hard that i need spend most of time at studies, if yes how many hours per day..btw my memory power is weak so pleaseeeeeeeeeee can you suggest me and help me my way..!!!!



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  • Emmylou Duell says:

    Stephanie, Will the study planners be updated for the 2020 exams?

    • Hello! I actually do not plan on updating them because most courses include study planners now. Which course are you using? I can direct you to the planner within it if you haven’t seen it yet. I hope this helps!

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