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Preparing for My CMA Study Plan and Performance Tracking

Vinoth is one of our CMA exam bloggers. He documents his CMA journey every Wednesday.  Before we begin my blog for this week let me share good news! During the last exam window of Sep-Oct’14 I have appeared for Part 1 examinations of CMA. The results got published last week and I have successfully passed […]

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Choosing the Best CMA Study Material and Coaching Institutes

Looking for CMA study material? Well, Vinoth is one of our CMA exam bloggers. He documents his CMA journey every Wednesday. Today, he will cover his decision about choosing the best CMA study material.  I hope everyone has read my last post about why I am choosing CMA as my professional certification. This week, I […]

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Here is Our Latest and Greatest Indian CMA Blogger: Vinoth

Vinoth is our first Indian CMA blogger. He documents his CMA journey every Wednesday. This is his first post. I am Vinoth Sairam from India currently living in Chennai. Let me introduce myself, why I choose CMA as my professional course, and how I find out which is the best institute for CMA coaching. I […]

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Thank You for Your Interest in Becoming My Guest Blogger. Here are Further Instructions

Hello, thanks again for your interest! I have been running this site for almost 4 years now, and it is amazing to share my stories and interact with fellow candidates. I am sure it will be a rewarding experience for you. Before you commit I’d like to give you more information about the arrangement. What […]

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برنامج CMA

بينما تفكر في برنامج الـ CMA، دعنا نتحدث أولاً عن اختبار CMA في حد ذاته — ما هي الأوجه التي يغطيها الاختبار، وما هو شكل الاختبار وهل هو فعلاً بهذه الصعوبة؟ اختبار CMA في إيجاز الاختبار يكون عن طريق الكمبيوتر ويحتوي على 100 سؤال اختيار من متعدد يتم الإجابة عنهم في 3 ساعات، و2 سؤال […]

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CMA Exam Essay Questions

I guess my fellow blogger Srini covered valuable and interesting points regarding essay questions, but I’d also like to share my “essay questions” point of view with you. While open essays may be one of the weaker areas for CMA candidates, it’s worth taking your time, and focus on them so that it won’t be the […]

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CMA Exam Multiple Choice Questions: Smart Way to Answer Them

Srini is our weekly CMA Exam Blogger. He writes for us every Thursday. CMA exam format has 70 percent multiple choice or objective type of questions where the answer will be present in the question itself. My Tips on CMA Exam Multiple Choice Questions It is not necessary to know the right answer for every question […]

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CMA Exam Self Study vs Live Classes

Becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) can be a rewarding career path for many. In order to become a CMA, rigorous studying must be done. There are two main ways to take CMA courses in preparing for the CMA exam: in a regular classroom setting or through a self-study program. Each method has unique advantages […]

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Moving On in the CMA Process

Srini is our weekly CMA Exam Blogger. He writes for us every Thursday. Everyone who is undergoing the CMA process would have faced some amount of defeats in your past, some people can even doubt your own capabilities before starting the course. Have Doubts Before Starting Your CMA Process? This is not advisable and it will […]

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Gleim vs HOCK CMA? How Anna Made Her Decision

Anna is our weekly CMA Exam Blogger. She writes for us every Monday. It took some time before I actually chose the right review course. Gleim vs HOCK CMA Comparison First, I toyed with the idea of purchasing Gleim. Then, I couldn’t decide between buying Gleim and/or HOCK. In the end, I chose HOCK as […]

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