How to Become a CMA: The Definitive Guide

how to become a cma

This page is dedicated to professionals who would like to enhance their career with a CMA certification.

The first 5 steps are important decisions to make before the application process. Step 6-12 shows exactly what you need to do from registration, planning, studying, passing the exam to getting the certification.

How to Become a CMA

The first step is NOT about filling out application forms and paying the fees.

The first step is to make sure you understand what you are getting into, and whether this certification has tangible benefits to your career.

1. Identify Benefits of the CMA Certification

The CMA certification is granted by a US institution called the Institute of Management Accountant, or the IMA. In order to take the exam and maintain active status of the CMA title, you must first sign up as a member.

What do you gain as an IMA member? Besides the ticket to the CMA exam, does it help in networking and developing your skill as a management accountant?

2. Compare CMA with Other Accounting Certifications

Getting this certification is a substantial investment in time, energy and effort. Please take the time and determine how CMA is going to help you in your personal and career development, and whether this qualification is the best choice given your background and aspiration:

3. Analyze Your Ability: Can You Make It?

Now that you are certain CMA is the way to go, can you handle the exam itself? What does it test anyway, and how difficult is it?

4. Perform Your Benefit Cost Analysis

Money matters.

Short term consideration: It will cost around $2,000. Can you afford the exam fees?

Long term consideration: Can the title help you negotiate a higher salary?

5. Fulfill CMA Educational Requirements

Good news: the rule is quite standard. Candidates are required to have a bachelor degree, and it can be obtained in any “recognized” universities around the world, and in any discipline.

Please follow these steps to determine your eligibility:

  1. Check if your university is on this list.
  2. Request an original transcript to be sent directly to the IMA.
  3. A week later, log on your profile on the IMA website, and check if your transcript is on file

In the event that your school is not listed, you can still get your transcript evaluated by one of the credential evaluation agencies and send an official transcript to IMA for reference.

6. Pay IMA Membership Fee

Once confirm your interest and eligibility for the exam, you may join the IMA as a professional member.

If you are a US or Canadian resident aged 33 or below, go for the discount “young professional member” category. If you are a current student (defined as taking at least 6 credit hours of courses this semester), check out the student discount. The student discount applies to candidates around the world.

Here are the steps:

  1. Select your home country.
  2. Select the appropriate membership category and click “Join Today”.
  3. Click “Join” to confirm your selection and continue with your application.
  4. Fill out the online application.
  5. Look out for an e-mail that confirms your successful enrollment as an IMA member.

In the online application form, you will be asked to fill out your personal and professional information, such as other professional credentials, education, job title and responsibility, followed by a request to pay the annual fee by credit card. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

7. Join the CMA Program

Joining the IMA membership does NOT automatically kick off the CMA exam process. In order to do that, you need to enroll in the CMA program. Many candidates join the membership and CMA program together (i.e. Step 6 and 7 together), but it is not mandatory.

You should join the CMA program only when you are ready to take the exam. Once you enroll in the program and pay the entrance fee, you must:

  • Start taking the CMA exam within 12 months; and
  • Complete the CMA program within 3 years.

Here are the steps of enrollment:

  1. Pay the CMA Entrance Fee ($240 for professional membership).
  2. Look out for an e-mail that confirms your successful enrollment in the CMA program.
  3. Read the instruction (in the email) on how to access the CMA Exam Support Package.

8. Register for the Exam Parts

After enrolling in the CMA program, you may register for the exam. The examination consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance and Control
  • Part 2: Financial Decision Making

It does not matter which part you take first. I suggest that you take the part you feel more comfortable with. If confident enough, you can even take two parts within the same testing window.

You may choose to register online, by phone with credit card information, or by mailing / faxing the registration form.

Here are the steps:

  1. Determine which exam part(s) to take, and in which testing window.
  2. Pay for the exam registration fees ($395 per part for professional membership).
  3. Look out for an e-mail that confirms your successful registration in the exam part(s).

Articles for your reference:

9. Locate the Closest Test Center and Schedule the Exam

Upon successful registration, you can schedule the date and time of the exam parts at prometric centers in the US and around the world. The centers are open every weekday during the following testing window:

  • January and February
  • May and June
  • September and October

You can typically cancel an appointment within 72 hours. A refund (minus $25 administrative fee) is available within 30 days of registration.

10. Prepare for the Exam

New candidates joining the CMA program receive a 6-month free access to the Exam Support Package on the IMA Learning Center, beginning on the day you pay the entrance fee (see Step 7 above).

This package includes a glossary of terms, and downloadable and printable multiple-choice and essay practice questions.

To increase your chance of passing success, I highly recommend you get additional learning tools from CMA review courses. Here are the pros and cons of major providers, together with my recommendation:

11. Complete Working Experience Requirements

The candidate must have two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management. Part-time work is accepted but internships and training programs are not considered.

12. Comply with Ethical Standard and CPE

After completing the two parts of the CMA exam and fulfill the experience requirement, you may apply for the CMA certificate.

CMAs are required to take 30 hours of CPE (continuing professional education), 2 of which has to be in the area of ethics. You should also expect to pay the annual membership fee to maintain your certification.

Here is a Summary

This is a video summarizing the process on how to become a CMA.

Can I be More Helpful?

I know the process sounds complicated, but once you take the first step on how to become a CMA, it’s completely doable. I am more than happy to help you along the way!

If you find this article helpful, please consider signing up to my mini-course which is completely free. You can learn more about this mini e-course here.


  1. namu says

    I’m from Nepal. my university is listed among the eligible ones. but does it include bachelors in all programs. the next question is does the exam and experience both need to be fulfilled within US territory. does IMA aid in finding training provider? I would be grateful to hear from yu soon.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Namu, I think you don’t need to major in anything particular to get qualified, but if you are not an accounting/finance/related major then please expect to go through all the courses in their CMA program.

      On the exam and experience, no you can take the exam and fulfill the experience outside the US. The experience needs to be properly verified though.

      In terms of the review course provider, I don’t think they endorse any particular one, but I have a list of providers for your reference with the pros and cons:

      Cheers, Stephanie

  2. namuna says

    Can I complete my preparation for exam and appear in exam online from outside US (I mean Nepal or any other area nearby)?

  3. Daniel says

    Good information, very helpful. Thanks for links to website and Handbooks most site just want you to pay to review and get information its good to find one that is benefical in the insight department.



  5. Rizwan says

    Hello Stephanie,
    This site has been extremely helpful to me in making up my mind about going for the CMA Certification. I have completed my B. Com (3 yr degree) from an accredited university in India. I plan to write my exam in India, work here for a couple of years and then move to US Canada or Australia. I would like to know if my certification would be acceptable in those countries or will I have to write any other exam again????

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Rizwan, I have to say Canada has its own version of CMA (CMA canada) so if you are sure you want to go to Canada, it is better to get the other one.

      But if you aren’t sure which country you may work some day, the US CMA is more recognized around the world and it would be a useful investment when you have the time to get it done. Cheers, Stephanie

  6. Jamie says

    I qualify to take the exam based on my education but do not meet the work experience for the CMA certification. I know I can complete the certification within 7 years but once I complete both exams can I indicate that I have taken and passed the CMA exams but lack work experience on my resume? If so how will that look to potential employers and will it help me get a job? I am looking for a financial analyst position or something similar. My fear is that I will pay for everything, pass everything, and still will not be able to find a job. Your thoughts are appreciated. If you can please email me your response that would be great.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Jamie, yes you are right there is no guarantee that you will get a job after passing the CMA exam. But in a way the working experience by CMA is very broad so I think a motivated person in who actively looks for a job will likely get qualified. Note that they aren’t asking you to work for big companies or anything like that. If you are willing to start small, in a smaller local firm and a supporting boss, I believe it is doable.

      Cheers, and best of luck! Stephanie

  7. JA says

    Hi, I recently signed up to take the CMA part 2 prep course offered through my employer, however I have not taken part 1 (timing was bad & didn’t want to wait until next yr). It’s been +10yrs since I did any hardcore accounting work, and my fear came true tonight after our 1st prep session on Cash flow statements & financial ratios – I felt completely lost! My instructor had to leave early today so I didn’t get to hear his advise how to handle this, so wondering if you have tips? I know this class is going to be intense so I’m searching for the fastest way to brush up on my accting fundamentals just so I can keep up with this course. I saw your recommended courses but since I’m taking one already via a local university, Im not sure if signing up for another one would help much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thx!

  8. Stephanie says

    hi JA, yes I hear you… I would say, take each topic one at a time, and work on the practice questions to get the concepts sink in. Obviously everyone has a different study style but for me I won’t pass by listening to lecturers talking alone. I need to either rewrite my notes or work on actual practice problems to nail the concepts down. I would do both if I have the time and dedication.

    Yes those courses are expensive so it’s good idea to stick with your local course, unless they don’t provide enough practice questions then you can get the Gleim test prep software (only the question and not the whole package). Cheers, Stephanie

  9. RMUHAMMED says

    hai Stephane,
    Your site is really helpful, i am a graduate holder in commerce with 70% marks.would like to do CMA.i dont know how to start my preparations. which all books i have to depend. do i need to go for a review could you please help me dear….


  10. Monica says

    Hi, I was wondering about the 2 years work experience – can your boss sign a letter proofing that you completed the work or it has to be under a CPA? Thanks.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Monica, there should be a standard form that you can fill in and then ask for your boss’ signature.

      For CMA, no need to work under a CPA. Cheers, Stephanie

  11. Vinda says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’m tad bit on tenterhooks right now as far as my pursuing CMA designation is concerned. I’m in Canada, am a stay at home mom who is ready to get into the job market. But I have my Bcom obtained in India, two years of work experience in a bank in India. I have been in Canada for last eight years. Since then, I don’t have any work experience or any other certification obtained in Canada.

    Right now I’m thinking of sending my transcripts to CMA for evaluation and then accordingly get into the AP. My question is: How do I obtain the kind of work experience that you need to get the CMA designation? Since I don’t have any work experience in Canada, I’m guessing I will need to get into a entry level accounting jobs in small firms. But my only fear is, what if that experience is not good enough given that to get a CMA you need to have a more of an advanced, in-depth CMA related work experience? PLEASE ADVISE. Thanks.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Vinda,
      Thanks for your note. Yes understand the situation… I just look at the CMA handbook again, and my interpretation is that as long as the experience is technical it is fine, doesn’t need to be managerial level (in fact, management experience cannot be counted).
      The “intermediate level and above” applies to the teaching experience where the candidate need to teach a course above elementary level.

      With that, I think you can go ahead! By the way, this is a site for US CMA exam. It is recognized in the US but there is an equivalent CMA qualification in Canada that you may also want to take a look.


  12. Stephanie says

    Hi Vinda,
    Thanks for your note. Yes understand the situation… I just look at the CMA handbook again, and my interpretation is that as long as the experience is technical it is fine, doesn’t need to be managerial level (in fact, management experience cannot be counted).
    The “intermediate level and above” applies to the teaching experience where the candidate need to teach a course above elementary level.

    With that, I think you can go ahead! By the way, this is a site for US CMA exam. It is recognized in the US but there is an equivalent CMA qualification in Canada that you may also want to take a look.


  13. Prajakta says

    Hello Stephanie
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful information that you have provided here about the CMA exam. Could you please provide more details regarding compliance of ethical standards?

  14. Aniketh says

    I am currently pursuing my undergraduate engineering degree in india,i still have a year left.I would like to take up the cma,but like you know i dont fulfill the educational requirements.i can join the ima as a student member and after that what?..should i wait till i complete my degree or study for the exam and take it up any time next year?..if you were in my shoes,how would you go about it?…i would like to do a self study,which material should i use as a beginner without any knowledge?..and whats a cpe,how do i do it?….i personally want to self study but there are intermediaries who offer coaching at a fee,is it okay to go about it alone?
    i am sorry for burdening you with so many questions

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Aniketh, the CMA eligibility is much simpler — you only need a bachelor degree to get qualified. I would say you have to make sure you get qualified before thinking about the review materials. We’ve all the pros and cons analysis and recommendation that you can refer to when you are ready for the exam. Good luck!

  15. Prajakta says

    Thanks Stephanie. I had one more question. I am working here in India and am nearing the two year mark. So is a letter signed by my boss here in India enough to submit to IMA as proof of work experience?

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Prajakta, I believe there is a standard form from the IMA that you can fill in with the signature of your boss. If you can’t find it please let me know. Cheers, Stephanie

      • Preeti Shanbhag says

        Hi Stephanie,

        I find your website very resourceful. Thanks for providing lots of information for all CMA aspirants.

        Could you please share the form we need to have our employer sign for experience eligibility.


  16. Mubi says

    I’m a little confused. In the pro and cons, it says I can write the CMA exam before graduating, but over her in says i need to have a bachelor’s degree.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Mubi, yes I guess I should be clearer… you can write the exam before graduation but before becoming a charter member (i.e. putting CMA on your business card) you need to have completed the bachelor degree.

  17. Arshad says

    Hi stephanie,
    So you are helping CMA too , in addition to CPA. You are very nice. I noticed that CMA requirements are less strict comparing to CPA.But, Is it worth it to do CMA instead of CPA,provided that my qualification ( 4 years undergrad from New Zealand) is acceptable for CPA US , by one of the state in US. Can CMA US claim any exemptions from CPA are the job prospects of CMA US in US?.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Arshad, you are most welcome! I would say CPA is still the preferred qualification (in my opinion) if you can get qualified. It has the longest history and is recognized for all types of jobs in accounting. CMA is more for management accounting but then if it’s hard to get qualified for CPA it is a great alternative. Hope it helps! Stephanie

      In terms of job perspect, I will say it helps, but none of those qualification including CPA can guarantee a job. You need a great resume and a good interview to get through and land a job that you like. Cheers, Stephanie

          • Nadia Mirza says

            Thanks for your feedback Stephanie. I have been working as accounting manager with various nonprofits since 1995 and prepare a lot of finanical reports for management. However I have not studied managerial accounting and I was thinking to take addmision in College of Dupage to complete a 3 month undergraduate level course on managerial accounting before studying CMA review courses but from your response it seems like CMA review courses would be sufficient to get a deep knwoledge of managerial accounting. Is that right

          • StephanieStephanie says

            Hi Nadia,
            If it is strictly for the CMA exam, no I don’t think you need to go through a college course. I have gone through the CMA review materials extensively (for my own CMA exam preparation) and as a Economics major who have never taken a cost accounting class, I find it sufficient to prepare for the exam. I had the same experience when I took the CPA exam and the CPA review courses are sufficient to help us pass. Cheers, stephanie

  18. Mohamed Paravengal says


    I have passed 12 papers of ACCA, and intend to complete the course by June 2013. And then i look forward to do CMA. I would like to know whether i am eligible to take CMA exams by may be January 2014 or something.

    Mohamed Paravengal

  19. Mohamad says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I only have IT experience and some IT project management experience.
    Can I still apply for the exam?
    Your recommendations please.

    Best Regards,

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Mohamad,
      You can certainly apply and take the exam, but in order to get the CMA you’ll need the relevant working experience. If you can get into more of an analysis role within project management it may work. Pure IT experience may not be counted. You may want to check with IMA (email ima[@] for details. Good luck!

  20. Sebastian says


    does working in AR cash applications department in a law firm satisfy the working experience requirement? What would happen if the 2 year working experience were not satisfied after passing the exam? Would the CMA certification be revoked after seven years?

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Sebastian, I believe the work can’t be “routine” i.e. can’t be, say, bookkeeping and secretarial, you know what I mean. There should be some sort of financial analysis or accounting involved. It is not clear from your description whether the work is accepted. If you worry about not able to meet the requirement, you can contact IMA. I believe by 7 years it means the 7 years prior to getting the CMA exam and not after?


  21. Shanvi says

    Hi Stephanie

    Thanks a lot for your valuable time for clarifying our doubts on CMA

    I have been working with a accounts firm for over 4 years I am also in the final year of my BCOM – can I apply for CMA beacause by this year end I will be completing my graduation in commerce

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hello, I think so because they allow you to take the exam before graduation. And your work experience should be more than enough to fulfill the experience requirements. Cheers, Stephanie

  22. amy says


    I am working on to pass cma exam part 1 . yet i ahve not regitered my self for the exam but willing to schedule Sep/oct.
    So my question is can i give my exam on oct2013 for patr 1 or oct is only for part 2 exam

  23. jitendra says

    this jitendra….
    my que is i have complited my icwa -india associat degree , i would like to go for cma. membership.after getting the cma membership. can i get job in usa….. i m from india.

  24. Amit says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am currently in US and in am seriously considering taking up CMA certification during my time here. The problem is that i am from Engineering background and have not been exposed to any accounting topics. I am pretty confident on taking up the exams but am not sure which materials to refer to. Professional study material such as Gliem or Hocks or even IMA dont seem to serve my purpose as they dont start from Basics of accounting (correct me if i am wrong).
    I am a bit confused as to which books to refer to or purchase a test prep from either Gliem or Hocks.
    Any additional help on this part is appreciated.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Amit,
      Thanks for your note and your detailed description of your situation. I see what you mean… Hocks has this supplementary material that you can get to cover the basics that you should know (but not cover in the standard Hock material) to sit for the exam. This primarily includes basic accounting and economics.

      I actually find the Wiley/CMALS very well written and organized, although for test prep software Gleim is pretty good in a way that it gets you fully prepared. For Hock, it’s somewhere in between for both in my opinion.

      So in an ideal world I would love to get Wiley book, Gleim test prep software and Hock supplementary notes :) Anyway, let me know what you think so I can make a more solid suggestion.

      If you haven’t already, you can also take a look at this page here:


      • Amit says

        Hi Stephanie,

        Appreciate your help in your previous post. I have, infact gone ahead and purchased Hock part Study material along with a additional ebook which covers the “Assumed Knowledge” required.
        Quick review of the material and i will take a call to purchase Wiley too. Also i will be purchasing the Gliem test software (along with the book). Note that i am taking one bite at a time. I need your advice on, at which point of preparation should i register for exams?

        • Stephanie says

          Hi Amit,
          you can register for the exam anytime but should be within the 12 months of purchasing your study materials, because it may get slightly outdated if you wait for too long. It’s exceedingly boring to study for more than 6 months anyway :)


  25. Sabrina says

    How do I know if my work experience would qualify if my work experience title does not state any of the ones listed above, but have included financial work relating to research? Also, does the position has to be a paying position?

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Sabrina, the list is not exhaustive, and also the last bullet point does mention research in related field, so sounds like it can be counted. But it is always a good idea to double check with IMA by emailing them a quick note. They are pretty good at responding my questions. On whether the position must be a paying job or not, I assume so, but again you can double check with IMA. Cheers, Stephanie

  26. Nikko says

    I’m a bit confused on the time bound requirements. If you need to complete the CMA “program” within 3 years of the entrance fee how do you also have 7 years after passing the exam to satisfy the experience requirements? Will you need to pay the entrance fee again after 3 years even if you are in the process of satisfying the experience requirements?

    Also, I’m a commercial credit analyst for national bank. It involves analyzing financial statements and making decisions based on that. Based on your knowledge, would that qualify for work experience?

    Thank you

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Amit,
      You are right — the wording is confusing. Let me think about how to change it. But basically it means that you do need to complete the program within 3 years, and then the experience prior to joining the CMA program can be counted and you can count backwards up to 7 years from the day you apply for the certification.

      Hope this is clearer?

  27. LakshayBanga says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I would like to know that as per the reciprocal agreement between ima and icwa(india), a person from india would be eligible for icwa(india) membership if he/she writes and clears the exam outside india?,since I live in new delhi(india) and would like to pursue cma(usa)..however,in order to get the icwa(india) membership,would I have to write and clear the exam outside india or I should have the valid visa for the country from where I will appear the exam from since I would register myself from there itself or i can register myself from india and would just have to write an clear the exam outside india?Also,please clearify that i can give the exam anywhere in the middle east?

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi Lakshaya,
      I am afraid I don’t know about the eligibility of ICWAI membership. You’ll need to contact ICWAI for that. But once you become a member then the reciprocity with US CMA applies. Stephanie

    • puneet says

      CMA USA outside india will help u get ICWAI degree. You have to register outside india and take exams outside india. Singapore, hongkong and Srilanka can be considered.

  28. james says

    Hi Stephanie, I have worked as a Financial Representative/Stock broker for the last 5 years, would this experience be enough to satisfy the CMA work requirements. Thanks for maintaining this site btw.

    • StephanieStephanie says

      Hi James, thanks for your note, you are most welcome!
      I believe if you can demonstrate finance analysis in your work (not just a broker) you have a good chance, but since it is not a mainstream management accounting/financial analysis role it is best if you can check with IMA. Stock broker’s role varies greatly around the world and some do have a lot of work in financial analysis, while some outsource to the investment team. Try to package yourself as the former as much as possible. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  29. james says

    Hi Stephanie, thank you for your quick response. Do you know how I can check on the experience requirement with the IMA. Do i have to register and pay the fees etc before they will look at my employment history.

    • Stephanie says

      No James, I don’t think so. You can simply email them and see. Doesn’t hurt to give it a try! Stephanie

  30. Subho says

    Hey Steffi,

    Thanks for all the wonderful info. I come from India and my graduation marksheet is done in the national language, post which I have done my mba ,which thankfully is in english.
    Would it be ok if i showed my Masters degree certificate or would I have to show both of them ?

    • Stephanie says

      Hi Subho, you are most welcome! I would just send in all the transcripts. But if it is a hassle which I understand might be the use for India, you can submit the master’s degree certificate and check the status online to see if it is sufficient.

      Alternatively, you can ask IMA and see if they can give you a firm answer. You might want to emphasize the difficulty of getting the transcript (if it’s the case) in your email so they understand the circumstances. Stephanie

  31. Subho says

    to secure a world ranking (looking at bright sides) is it mandatory to give both parts together or giving part1 in jan and part2 in may be also eligible the rankings??

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Subho, what do you mean by world ranking? To achieve the highest score on a worldwide basis? I think you can take it separately, but it’s better if you could confirm with IMA. Stephanie

      • Subho says

        should i just pen them an email with regards to both my queries and they would be obliged to reply, I intend to take the part2 exam in the sep-oct this year meaning 2013.
        I hope that I am upto it and would really appreciate any and every insight that you would have to offer.
        Thanks in advance.

  32. Adam says

    Stephanie – just a quick question on the order in which I do the steps. Do I have to register with IMA before I enroll in a study course? It looks like once I register, I need to stick to an exam date, whereas if I just start studying, I can do the exam when I feel I am ready. Thanks Adam

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Adam,
      Yes, I would generally recommend you register with the IMA first, but you don’t need to pay the exam fee until you are ready to do so. You are fine as long as you take the first exam (either part 1 or 2) within a year.

      If you choose to study first, it is fine too, just make sure you do take the exam within ~ a year so that your study materials remain the most updated. Hope it helps! Stephanie

  33. li says

    Hi-I am currently an engineering undergraduate student in U of T, I am wondering is there anything i can do to start my CMA (since i major in engineering not commerce or math), I don’t want to wait after graduation to start the test, is there any specific textbook or courses prepare me for the test?

  34. waqar khan says

    hi Stephanie! how are you? im from recently registered for from Punjab University.(it is in list)..,
    1.) my question is that,,,how can i get student discount from IMA For CMA??
    2.)am i eligible for student discount and to start CMA IMA??
    i am fully prepared for it since 7months…but my BBig problem is that (i have NO knowldge for IMA Student REG. proccesss For CMA.. please help me…. my time is wasting by WAIT….please Ma’m help me

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Waqar, I think as long as you submit proof that you are a current student then it is fine. There is a button for student members to pay and attach the proof. What’s the issue? Stephanie

  35. waqar khan says

    i Stephanie! how are you? im from recently registered for from Punjab University.(it is in list)..,
    1.) my question is that,,,how can i get student discount from IMA For CMA??
    2.)am i eligible for student discount and to start CMA IMA??
    i am fully prepared for it since 7months…but my BBig problem is that (i have NO knowldge for IMA Student REG. proccesss For CMA.. please help me…. my time is wasting by WAIT….please Ma’m help me

    • Stephanie says

      Hi Waqar,
      I think so, if you are a current student. Just send in the proof when you apply for the student membership.

      If you have already studied for 7 months you should definitely get registered and take the exam — studying more will bore you to tears!

      Best of luck to your exam, Stephanie

  36. Kwesi says

    Is the student membership only available to American and Canadian students??? Or are European students included as well?

  37. Jing says

    hi Stephane,
    Thanks a lot for all the notes which were extremely helpful! I have one question regarding the educational background. I was graduated in with bachelor’s degree majored in finance management, however my GPA is quite low especially for some courses ( macro economics, information system etc). Will it be a problem for me to enter the exam? Will I be rejected to attend the exam?

    Thanks a lot!


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jing, no worries on your grades. As long as you graduate from university and have proof of that, it is fine :)

      In your case the CMA certification would be a great way to make up for that lower grades at school. Stephanie

  38. Sanjiv says

    Is CMA course examination center is available in Pune/Mumbai (India) ? also give us list of coatching classess available in Pune along with contract numbers.

  39. Subho says

    hey steffi thanks for the great info and by world rankings yes i mean scoring maximum or being in the top ten in terms of the marks scored in the exam.
    Thanks a lot for the info. really appreciate it.

  40. Ady says

    Hi Steff,

    its good to see such a guide on the internet, with so many responses/queries. Cheerz! & thanks a Ton!

    my query – proff work experience – i work for a multinational corp – 3 years – inventory accounting ( month end close – journal vouchers, account reconciliations & analysis – reporting)
    so, will this be considered relevant?

    will they send out a mailer requesting my job description to my employer?

    also, i believe i must submit a form stating my experience.
    and this is Only after enrolling as a member ( i.e paying fee)
    what if, the above experience is not accepted? do i need to find a new job?

    i wish they had a help desk to verify my job details before i enroll, would spare me the fees .

    Thanks for the helpful article!

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Ady, thanks for your note! I am glad this site has been helpful to aspiring CMAs. On your question, no I think you (and not IMA) are the one to ask your employer to fill/sign the experience verification form.

      I do think your job is very relevant, but to double check (which is always a good idea) you can simply email IMA at In my opinion it is very close to a help desk as they are usually very helpful. Good luck, let us know how it goes! Stephanie

  41. naresh says

    iam naresh from Bangalore, india. I had finished my
    I had 3 years work experience in an audit firm.
    now iam interested to do cma & cpa
    my problem is iam unable to find a consultancy for starting a process to US.
    Can we get a student visa to do cma & cpa in USA,if yes please tell me how to start the process and procedure.
    please give me some guidance & valuable information
    thank you

  42. Babar says

    i am Babar from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am persuing my Carrier in Chartered Accountancy and had done CA (Inter) and now in Final Stage of CA (ICAP).
    I have almost 3.5 years work experience with Deloitte Pakistan in audit and Assurance department .
    now i am interested to do CMA
    my problem is i have no Bachelor degree in any discipline .
    Can i still eligible to apply for CMA
    please give me some guidance & valuable information
    I would be really greatful.

  43. Vivek Patel says

    Dear madam,

    There is any way that I can verify first my work experience and after that I start process for CMA. Currently I am pursuing CPA, as I qualified for CPA so it means I am also qualified for CMA but I want to check first my experience. So I appreciate if you help me in to this matter.


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Vivek,
      Nice to see you here at the CMA site! The qualified experience can be counted backwards up to 7 years, so your experience before getting the CMA exam should be able to count. But technically I don’t know whether you can get the form though… you may need to ask IMA to mail you one directly. Stephanie

  44. desma says

    Dear maam,
    i wanted to know if working in the assurance department for 2 years will fulfill the 2 year wok experience criteria for attaining the CMA qualification .

    Thanks for you help .

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Desma, it’s not strictly financial/management accounting or financial analysis / management. I would suggest you get a “ruling” from IMA, because I am not in a position to comment on their behalf. When you email them it is best to give them a detailed description, highlight any analytical work involved to get a better chance of approval. Hope it works. Good luck!

  45. surya says

    dear maam,
    I am a CA-IPCC student belonging to tamilnadu, I wish to pursue CMA.
    I need to know about the eligibility to enter into this course and what is the criteria for taking CMA exams. I have completed my schooling and have passed CA-CPT , I dont have any undergraduate degree from any college..

    kindly help me to resolve my problem.

  46. Chebait says

    Is there a way i can still sit for the CMA exams while still a student undertaking a Bachelor’s of Commerce

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Chebait,
      Yes you can — you can start taking the exam but you will only get the CMA certification after getting the two years of required experience. Stephanie

  47. Uma Raj says

    Hello Stephanie!!!

    Thanks for the help through your website. I am a B.Com., graduate from India (Mom of 2 kids). Had 2 years of experience from a bank in India 7 yrs. before. Now residing in Texas. Planning to study and work later. But confused what course to do (CPA or CMA), am I eligible to do CMA now. How effective is CMA for getting a job than CPA. Will be really grateful if you could help me in this. Thank you.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Uma, as a BCOM, it is much easier to get qualified for the CMA vs the CPA exam. In terms of effectiveness, it really depends on which type of companies you want to work for. If you are open to any accounting jobs, including companies with more costing/inventory focus e.g. manufacturing firms, then CMA can potentially help a lot. It’s a qualification that either people don’t really care (e.g. if you work in a bank or a CPA firm), or highly value. So it’s something nice to have, in case you do get an opportunity that values CMA.

      CPA is certainly more versatile — it helps in all types of accounting, and is required as you move up if you join a CPA firm, but as BCOM you need two more years of education, which as a mom of two kids (like me) it’s extremely hard to do. In any case, all the best, and let me know if I can be helpful! Stephanie

  48. Renee says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I just paid for my membership to IMA and the next step is paying the entrance fee. Does paying this fee mean that they will supply me with the materials I need to study for the exam? I’m unclear on exactly what this entails.


  49. j b raviteja says

    hi, Stephanie Ng
    iam from india completed bcom 2010 i had work experience . i want to do cma us course whether there is good job demand after completion of these course? actually in my country there is coaching center for this cma can i prepare on my own? or else go to coaching? please give me exactly what about job market in usa after this course whether it is demanded or not?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi JB, I would say, from the statistics, CMA does earn quite a bit more but it really depends on many factors, e.g. quality of resume, interview skills, prior experience, and some luck.

      But in terms of courses I generally do recommend the self-study courses via the internet, because they are generally (1) more affordable (2) used by most US domestic candidates (3) allow you to study at the comfort of your home. I can’t say much about coaching center in your country because I have never been to one, but the one I had in mine (for US CPA) gave me a bad experience, so for me at least I won’t try that again.

      Hope it helps! Stephanie

  50. Mridul Rajeev says

    hi sir,
    iam from india,i’ve completed my degree with bcom and now iam iam doing mcom, will i be eligible to do cma from india and how long it will take for me after my graduation to become a cma and what is its duration in india?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Mridul, yes, you are eligible with the bachelor degree. Even better with the master’s! You don’t need to wait until graduation; can start any time.

      the process is the same everywhere. It can take as quick as a few months if you take the 2 parts of the exam at the same time, but in any case you have to complete the CMA program within 3 years.

      • Mridul Rajeev says

        ok thanks a lot sir,in india i think ,i saw somewere in the internet that it takes only 9 months to complete is that true sir?

        • Stephanie Ng says

          Hi Mridul,
          Can do for sure. Technically you can complete the exam in, say 3 months, if you study really hard on the materials and take the two parts of the exam together. Stephanie

  51. himanshu says

    Hello Stephanie ,
    I have completed my MBA (Information System) in 2001 .But I started working as a Chief accountant in central Africa in 2009 so will be consider for CMA . Should it be prior or within 7 years after completion of Degree .


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Himanshu, I believe the rule is that you can count your experience up to 7 years before you apply for your CMA certification. So it isn’t linked to when you take your MBA, if this is what you mean. Hope it helps? If not let me know. Stephanie

  52. jazzy says

    first of all i would like to say , you are running very useful page & i really appreciate your response to our queries

    well dear stephanie , here an other little question i would like to ask .
    actually am graduated & holding Bachelor degree from accredited university & is present in the list of universities that IMA provided at . but my degree program was of two years duration rather then 4 years . so can you tell me is that bachelor degree program of 2 years duration enough for satisfying the educational requirement of CMA ?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jazzy, thanks for your note!

      I think so, since they don’t specify the number of years as long as it is a degree from recognized university. But if you aren’t sure you can always send an email to confirm. If I were you I would definitely do that. Email is They are very good in responding to emails. Good luck! Stephanie

  53. Ade says

    Hello Stephanie,

    In regards to the academic background, I know I am solid. In terms of the professional requirement, I currently work as an Operations Manager for an Investment Bank. Do you know if that would be considered as under the Financial Management requirement? I do handle some basic financial analysis functions

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Ade, looks ok to me if you can demonstrate (and emphasize) the financial analysis role. You can always email IMA for their opinion so you can take away one uncertainty. Many of my readers do that. Most of the “borderline” cases seem to have received green light. Good luck! Stephanie

  54. anwar says

    Hi Stephanie
    Thanks for setting up this information. I need to know if i have a two-year bachelors degree(equivalent to associate degree) instead of four years, am i eligible to do CMA

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Anwar, I am sure 3-year bachelor degree (which is also seen as an associate degree) works. For 2-year degrees it depends on whether your school is included in IMA’s list. They don’t seem to have a minimum years of study as long as it is a bachlor degree from recognized university.

      The best way to get confirmation is to ask IMA directly at Good luck! Stephanie

  55. mahmoud qatawneh says

    First i would like to thank you for this very helpful website
    I have to questions
    1- I have 10 years experience in accounting , 7 of them as a senior
    do they considered for the professional experience requirement .
    2- candidates will be required to take 30 hours of CPE (continuing professional education).
    they mean every year or just once ?

    Thank you

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Mahmoud, thanks for your note! Yes accounting jobs are good for the experience requirements. On the CPE, I am afraid you need that on an annual basis. That’s why it is called “continuing” education :) Stephanie

  56. JD says

    I qualify to do cma exam based on my education, i am CA(Inter) from ICAI. i am working in construction company since last 16 years will this be treated as work experience for the CMA certification. or i have to work leaving my job to get 2 year experience for cma certification. ince I am in Oman will it helpful to find better job back in india when i return to india. suggest me the best institute in oman to do the cma course or any indian institute through i can do like ipfc.

  57. john m says

    hi Stephanie.
    im working as a bookkeeper in the accounting center of our company, will that fulfill the work experience? do i need another work to get qualified?
    thank you!

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi John, this might be a bit tough because they need accountant vs bookkeeper experience… or do you do any analytical work at all? Try to package it this way and it will help your case. It’s better if you check if IMA as well before applying for the exam. Stephanie

  58. JD says

    hi Stephanie.
    I qualify to do cma exam based on my education, i am CA(Inter) from ICAI. i am working in construction company since last 16 years will this be treated as work experience for the CMA certification. or i have to work leaving my job to get 2 year experience for cma certification. ince I am in Oman will it helpful to find better job back in india when i return to india. suggest me the best institute in oman to do the cma course or any indian institute through i can do like ipfc.

  59. Sumit LAley says

    I have done MBA finance and I have completed 3 years experience in toll operations as a auditor, can i join this course. I have experiace of validation audit in toll operation. Plz suggest me, Because i want join cma certification.

  60. Krishna says

    Dear Stephanie,

    Let me thank you for spending your valuable time and efforts to answer the questions of students in this forum.

    Sometime ago, until June 2013 I was there in your mailing list while I was doing my CPA. I got my CPA ( not licensed) from AICPA and now interested to study something more. . Actually, I wanted to go for MBA.. When I calculated the cost and time involved in that program, I thought of considering CMA.

    I just wanted to know, whether MBA is better than CMA or vice versa or can be considered ‘equivalent’ ? How does market respond to a person with CMA ? I know, nobody can give a definite answer for these questions. Since you are in the field of education and advising, I thought of seeking your suggestion/opinion.

    Kindly let me have your suggestions.



    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Sunny, not really, but I believe they do. I suggest that you pick a course that you like, then ask the provider directly. The biggest 3 players (Gleim, Wiley, Hock) should have them. Good luck! Stephanie

  61. sharad says

    I am preparing myself for CMA exam in India….I have completed my bachelor degree…after passing CMA exam,is it sure that I do grab a job….?…plz do reply

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Sharad, I have to be honest with you that the CMA title cannot guarantee jobs… it may help, but there are a lot more factors such as your previous experience, resume and interview skills, and luck. Stephanie

  62. Hanan AK says

    how are you? actually i need suggestion from you…i have already registered with IMA and prepared for Part one exams but due to some serious issues i wont be able to sit for the exams in jan/feb window. what would be your suggestion, if i sit for both parts exams in may/june window or give the exams one by one???

    will you recommend this approach…?

    kindly reply me and let me know…thanks…

  63. kavitha says


    I completed my MBA finance, but i don’t have accounting experience.
    i have 6 years experience in personal secretary, will i take the cma course.

    Kindly suggest me.

  64. Deba says

    i m working in a SAP FICO consulting job about 2 yrs. Before i wroked in Accounting (ERP Related) field about 2 yrs in power Transmission co..i m Graduate. now i m littlebit confuse that what should i do MBA (Fin) or CMA? if i do CMA then is it elegible with my 2yrs work Experience(in SAP Fico) for getting CMA certification.

    Plz Suggest me


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi kv, if you are ICWAI member, then you can get CMA via their reciprocal mutual agreement. Alternatively, if you are ACCA member then you can automatically get qualified for the CMA exam, but there is no exemption in the exam itself. Stephanie

  65. Sharma says


    I’m master in Technology in IT and currently pursuing executive general management program in IT from IIM Bangalore. I have 7 years of experience in software development. Is im eligible to write CMA exam?


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Sharma, I am sure your educational qualification can get your qualify for the exam. On the experience though it doesn’t sound if it is related to accounting/finance management so you might need to plan ahead and work on those before you get into the CMA program. You do need two years of relevant experience to get the CMA title. Stephanie

  66. Rajesh Verma says

    Credential Evaluation
    This is very complicated point. i have done my graduation from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. Well-known university in india. but not comes in IMA university list. so major question arises. send your degree for evaluation original with photocopies and also pay high charges.
    should anyone prepare for CMA study or get tension to send his/her degree for evaluation. because of this point i am changing my interest of CMA study.
    but if anyone help me on this point. i am glad to that

  67. Noel says

    Hi Stephanie,

    A eager and looking forward to taking the course, but i dont want to rush.

    firstly can you tell me, what kind of basics do i need to know, to some day handel the pressure of the course, basically am a B.Com graduate. and its been 8 yrs now since i graduated.

    have been an accountant for 3 years but my profile is low, i do AR as well as some of AP.

    can you tell me what should i study prior to taking this course, my basics should focus on what?
    or what should my base strength be, before taking up this course

    appreciate your help and time with this querry


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Noel, it’s good that you don’t want to rush. You can find out the exam content here:

      The content may look daunting, but as long as you follow the chapters in the review courses, and work on most if not all the practice questions, you will get very well prepared. Many candidates take it 5-10 years after university, so don’t worry about that.

      Let me know if you have more questions! Stephanie

  68. Jinga says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I took and passed the first part of the CMA exam. The results were given to me 5 weeks via email. I failed the second one, but the result wasn’t emailed to me and it was after 6 weeks. I re-took the exam but it has been such a long wait for the results! Is there any way I can get my results earlier? Does the IMA only email results if passed? I am nearing the sixth week mark and I don’t feel confident now. I will have to take the exam again, and at that point, the potential results will only be around June 15th. Seems like a very long process – I could be re-studying at this point.

    Anxiously waiting,


    PS – Do you work for PWC? Name is familiar.

  69. sukhesh says

    hi! Im currently pursuing B.Com in a college which is affiliated to a university given in the list. So will it be valid as if i did my graduation from that university??
    Thank you

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Sukhesh, sounds like you can. Students may sit for the exam before they complete their degree, provided they’re registered for at least six credits per semester during the academic year. The ICMA requires candidates to have fulfilled the education requirements within seven years after completing the CMA exam but not before sitting for the exam.

  70. sukhesh says

    i am a second year student of from india. Should i wait till i graduate or can i apply to cma right now, so that i can complete both of them simultaneously.

  71. sukhesh says

    and one last thing.. Im also a student of chartered accountant course in india. According to this course i have to work as an intern under a qualified CA for 3 years before i can give my final exam. Can i take those 3 years as enough work experience for CMA.
    Thanx in advance once again.

  72. Nitin says

    hi Stephanie

    I have engineering degree.Currently i am working in bank as a manager.
    Is the work experience relevant for cma.
    please help me…

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Nitin, it depends whether your manager role involves financial analysis and/or management. It is hard to tell from the title, but if you can articulate your job with a detailed description and submit together to IMA, it will have a good chance. You can check with IMA in advance by emailing them before the application. Email: ima[@]

  73. Anoop John says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have an important question to ask, is it possible to take the Part 2 of the CMA exam first and then the Part 1 later? I mean can I take and clear ‘Financial decision making’ first and then later take the ‘Financial planning, performance and control’ exam? Please clarify. Moreover I have heard that Part 2 is easier than Part1, is that true?

    Anoop John

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Anoop, yes you can do part 2 first. In terms of which part is easier/harder, I think it largely depends on the candidate’s background. Part 1 is similar to CPA’s BEC section while Part 2 is similar to CFA level 1. It is however true that CMA part 2 has a higher pass rate. Stephanie

      • Anoop John says

        Thanks and are the two parts inter-related? I mean will I have difficulty in clearing part 2 without reading part 1? And I am reading Hock material 5th edition. Is that sufficient? Or do I have to get the latest edition to pass the exam?

        Anoop John

        • Stephanie Ng says

          Hi Anoop, the two parts are not in sequence so you can take part 2 without revising for part 1 first. As for whether out-of-date materials are good enough, I would say most of the things are there for sure, and you are fine your score is comfortably above the passing score. Otherwise, losing a few points due to out-dated materials may fail the test. Passing rate is quite low so it isn’t in our favor…
          More info on passing rate here:

      • Anoop John says

        Also please tell me do I need to enroll with any institute apart from taking a good review course like Gleim or Hock? There is an institute by the name IPFC which provides online coaching for clearing CMA, is it required?
        Please suggest..

        Anoop John

        • Stephanie Ng says

          Hi Anoop, it is not required to take any of the coaching courses. I don’t know much about IPFC to comment. I would say most candidates take some sort of a course, but I think most people in America take self-study courses. Regards, Stephanie

          • Anoop says

            Thanks and please also tell me that suppose I clear both the levels of CMA exam, will I get any certificate/letter that proves that I have cleared the exam(without completing the experience requirement)? I mean to say that merely passing the cma exam without actually meeting the experience requirement will also increase my employability or not?

            Anoop john

          • Stephanie Ng says

            Hi Anoop, well, yes and no… you cannot hold yourself as CMA without the experience, but if you are interviewing with a company, you can mention that you pass the CMA exam and all you need is the experience to become a CMA. If the company values CMA, it helps.

  74. Ahsan Anjum says

    Dear Sir,
    I am new in CMA and not regisered yet…
    I want to appear in May-June attempt. I am getting coaching by my brother.
    please help me, I want to appear in CMA part-2 firstly. it is possible??
    and how much money required???
    I am not a bachelor????? Is it necessary to become a bachelor first.??
    My planning is here:
    1. Pass CMA exams.
    2. Complete B.Com degree (it is already continue and half have been completed)
    3. Get 2 years experience…

  75. Khalid says

    Greetings Stephanie,
    I became an IMA member in March 2013 and decided to start with part 2. Since then I took part 2 twice in October 2013 and February 2014. For the exam I took in October I got 300, for February exam I got 350. I was really disappointed and furstrated to see my score extremely close to the passing score. If I got one or two of the multible choice questions I missed right I would have passed!. I am really hesitant whether I should pursue trying or not. I really wonder if I will pass on my next attempt or not. If so how will I do on part 1 given that it has a lower passing rate. Would I be able to pass both parts within the three years window (prior to March 2016).
    Please I need your advice.

    You advice and reply are highly appreciated.


  76. Avishek Chatterjee says

    I am from Canada, Toronto but I have done my B.Com (Honours) from India. I have registered with CMA but after sending them all my transcripts etc they have told me to complete 2 prequalifying courses i.e. Statistucs and Economics. Can you please explain why? Why can’t I sit for the main exam directly? What do i do?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Avishek, I honestly have no idea, and haven’t heard of this… Did you apply for CMA (US) or CMA (Canada)? My site is only about CMA administrated by IMA in the US. Regards, Stephanie

  77. Ajit says

    Hello Stephanie!

    Currently i am pursuing ICWA in India & completed mba in India & also i am working in a CA Firm as part time. I want to do CMA US in India and want to work in US but I’m a below avarge student, so can i apply for Cma US ?

  78. jinesh says


    i am an student.i am from India.what is the job prospects of this course in India.can we get a job in India after completing this course?

    i am not meeting the work experience part so just merely passing the exams will get me a job or not.will any company consider this in this way?can i get a good job on the basis of just passing the exams and complete the requirement later?personally i prefer to commence my career in big companies rather than small companies just to complete this formality

    will it be waste of time and they issue any certificate on the basis of just passing the exams?

    so after reading all this.should i do this course?


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jinesh, I am not familiar with the job situation in India, but in all honestly, I don’t think any certification can guarantee jobs in India or anywhere. Also, without fulfilling the experience requirement you cannot get the CMA title, but you can mention it in your CV that you pass the CMA exam.

      Tens of thousands of candidates sit for the pass the exam, so at least for these people it is not a waste of time and money. Whether it is the case for you largely depends on your own background and career aspiration. It’s a question only you can answer I am afraid. Best wishes to you and your career! Stephanie

      • jinesh says

        thanks for your reply.

        if i apply for cma us and at the same time i took a job as an accountant will it be considered as relevant experience by them if i work for 2 years.

        likewise what will be the fees approximately for the entire course?i got a message from an institute named ‘miles’ in India providing coaching for this course.have you heard about this institute?whether coaching is needed or can we pass by self study?
        is this course rigorous?

        • Stephanie Ng says

          Hi Jinesh,
          Yes the working experience can be counted.
          On Miles, I don’t know enough to comment on the program, but I understand it has a sizable presence in India. From what I know they use IMA materials (Wiley CMA Learning System) in the class, so the value add is on the instructor and classroom setting.

          I would ask your peers to get some feedback on the course, specially on the instructor you are getting because it will have a big impact on your learning experience.

          I generally recommend self-study courses, not only because it is generally more affordable, but also I don’t need to worry about the quality of individual instructors. The ones on my list are all renowned and experienced instructors on a US national level. Hope it helps! Stephanie

        • Stephanie Ng says

          Hi Jinesh,
          Yes the working experience can be counted.
          On Miles, I don’t know enough to comment on the program, but I understand it has a sizable presence in India. From what I know they use IMA materials (Wiley CMA Learning System) in the class, so the value add is on the instructor and classroom setting.

          I would ask your peers to get some feedback on the course, specially on the instructor you are getting because it will have a big impact on your learning experience.

          I generally recommend self-study courses, not only because it is generally more affordable, but also I don’t need to worry about the quality of individual instructors. The ones on my list are all renowned and experienced instructors on a US national level.

          More info here:
          On fees:

          Hope it helps! Stephanie

          • jinesh says

            ok,Thanks again.

            i have some more doubts also.please clarify

            1.There is said an annual membership fee has to be paid in order to maintain the it means that we have to pay an stipulated amount each year for life time even after we qualify?then only we can use the cma title and our membership remains valid,or otherwise will our title be removed?do the companies check whether we are a member or they rely on our certificate.will it be a problem if we don,t pay that fees later?

            2.when i asked a instructor he said the us companies in India will consider only the cma(us) and in that way we will get job in india itself.what is madam,s take on that?

   they provide a certificate after passing two papers or they will give only after providing sufficient we need to pass the objective and theory separately?likewise what is the minimum pass mark ?

            4.likewise there is continuous education after we pass. is this a classroom training or we just read it by ourselves.can madam please explain this ?


          • Stephanie Ng says

            Hi Jinesh,
            1. You are right you should expect to pay the membership fee every year thereafter. As to whether companies will find out whether your certification is valid, I don’t think most companies will check, having said that, CMAs should uphold their integrity (IMA is very serious about that). Also, it is very easy for companies to check if they choose to.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Yes! As long as you are taking 6 or more credit hours per semester in the year you are applying. You also need to fill out the graduation year in your application. I just include an application form at the bottom of this page:

      FYI only, the young professional membership discount applies to those in US, Canada and Mexico only.

  79. amit says

    Hi Stephanie,
    First of all i would like to thank you for providing all the information here, I was clueless and ur replies helped me a lot :) I am a Student in India who has just completed graduation and now i would like to pursue ICWA. I would like to know if it is equivalent to CMA US or should i prefer CMA US to ICWA?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Amit, these two qualifications have reciprocal arrangement. So you can decide which one is easier to get for you and go ahead. Most of my readers pursued ICWA before hand so they just applied for the CMA certification afterwards, but I do have a few who did the other way round, i.e. take the CMA US first, then get the ICWA. Cheers, Stephanie

  80. Anthony says

    Hi Stephanie!
    Thank you very much for the information here. It is very helpful.
    I am economics and finance major. I understand that exams can be taken anywhere. My question is: “If I work in a local hotel (Korea) in cost controlling position, can this experience be counted to satisfy certification requirements?” I don’t quit grasp how work experience is verified if you are not in US.
    Thank you,

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Anthony, thanks for your note and your kind words! Cost controlling should be a relevant experience, but it is best to double check with IMA. I believe they can even pre-approve the experience for you if preferred. It does not matter whether you work in the US or not. As long as you can get the experience form signed (i.e. verified) by your supervisor, you are all set.

      If you have other questions, drop a note any time! Stephanie

  81. MIHIR BHATT says

    Hello Stephanie!

    My name is Mihir Bhatt. I am a Chartered Accountant from ICAI ( Institute of Chartered Accountant of India ). I am planning to go for CMA (USA). I want to know what is value addition of CMA USA in India or USA ? Should i get a job from US MNC in india ?. Suppose i will migrate from India to USA , Should i get job in USA ?

    Like CPA , CMA USA is recognized by US Govt ?

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mihir Bhatt

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Mihir,
      Thanks for your note. The most value-add is in companies with a sizable team in cost and inventory accounting, as well as for big, fortune 500 type of companies.These companies’ US headquarters and regional offices will likely value your CMA certification.

      The US government doesn’t really “recognize” CPA, but CPAs are required to sign off audit reports, so companies MUST have at least some CPAs around. For CMA there is no such statutory requirement. Regards, Stephanie

  82. Priya says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am a Company Secretary in India. I like to take up CMA. I do not have the requisite work experience. Can i sit for the exam?
    My questions are:
    My college is not in the list. How should i go about it.
    How much credits/score should i need to pass the exam?
    How do i find if Prometric has a testing center in India?
    Where would i find study material or reading material for the preparation?

    I would appreciate your guidance.
    Thanks in advance

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Priya,
      Yes you can sit for the exam without the experience, but in order to get the certification later on, you have to fulfill the experience requirement.

      On your college not being on the list, I would first double check with IMA first, just in case the list is not updated. If it is truly not on the list, you can get an evaluation from the credential evaluators to get a report to be submitted to IMA. Please check with IMA for more information.

      For passing the exam, you need to score 360 out of 500. Here is more info:

      You can actually locate the center before registration. There is a link on this post that directs you to the relevant prometric page for that (first link on the page):

      Since most candidates are busy with full time work, many choose to take the self-study courses. The quality is guaranteed i.e. not affected by the quality of the instructors. You can check the pros and cons of major CMA review providers here:

      Feel free to let me know if you have further questions! Stephanie

  83. Abdul says

    hi… i have just given my cma part 1 exams and my essay type section was also opened… my question is that… opening of essay type section means that i have obtain 50% of total score i.e 250 or i have just attempted minimum 50% mcqs correct

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Abdul, nice to hear from you right after the exam! Basically you achieved at least 50% pass rate in the MC questions. It may not mean that you get 250 correct. But it doesn’t really matter in my opinion. It’s always a good sign that you can proceed to the essay questions.

      Here is more info on the scoring and grading:

  84. MIHIR BHATT says


    I have inquired about CMA USA from Edupristine Coaching classes.

    They provide Becker’s notes for study.

    Becker’s notes are valid or good for study.

    Kindly advice.


    Mihir Bhatt

  85. ankit agarwal says

    Hi Stephanie,
    Thanx for the great information you are providing to us.I am a ca final year student and done my 3 years earlier from India .I want to join CMA US course but the fee for professional members is just double.Is i am eligible to get student discount?If i don’t, can you recommend me to join a master degree course to get the discount,or if you have any alternative way to get the discount please let me know.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Ankit, thanks for your note. Unfortunately you can’t take the student discount if you graduated 3 years ago, it’s really for existing student. Taking on a master’s degree will get you qualified, but wouldn’t the cost of the master’s program a lot higher than the membership and exam fees?

      Also note that the membership fee is an ongoing payment. If it is too hard on your budget, you may want to consider whether to go ahead. For most accounting professionals, at least in the US, the intangible benefits of joining the IMA network exceed the costs. Regards, Stephanie

  86. ankit agarwal says

    hi stephanie,
    Plz let me know, if i want to self study the cma course which books i should refer?

  87. ankit says

    Hi stephanie,
    I have done my B.Com & currently pursuing MCA(Master of Computer Applications) from university which is in the list.Can i eligible for the student discount.If yes ,then ,Is there any problems in future in case i dont able to continue with my MCA course.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Ankit, yes you should be able to qualify for student discount as long as you are taking at least 6 credit hours in each semester. You can use this discount for up to 6 years. Stephanie

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Sure you are welcome Jinesh. In fact I haven’t finished answering your questions (was about to take a plane):
      2. Well it is generally true that American companies look for the American version of CMA, but I probably won’t put it as strongly. It also depends on the type of company you are working in. For financial services for example, I don’t think they value CMA as much as, say, manufacturing companies like P&G and all that.

      3. No, there is no “certificate” or any proof after passing the CMA exam, because the CMA program is not completed. You will only get the certificate after fulfilling all the requirements including the experience. But it isn’t tough to get done.

      4. Yes either classroom training or online class is fine. More info here:

  88. jinesh says

    ohh,that is very great of you.actually what i thought is that only my first question is relevant or other questions can be get answered by myself(if i try) or something like fact the first question was the one which i definitely needed a clear answer and i got it. whatever it is i admire your commitment

  89. says

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    How to Hire: If your SEO company is going to specialize in digital design, it’s important to have a designer on board.

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  90. Manikanta R says

    I Have completed Degree in Bangalore University with the aggregate of 60%, now i am planning to do CMA, just let me know the Eligibility criteria for applying CMA… and the fee structure also

  91. says


    I have been all over the internet for help on the CMA course and finally got to this site. I am a Chartered Accountant from India with a BCom degree too. I have recently moved to Seattle and have planned to take the CMA exam. I am actually stuck on finding some good online classes (extensive training, not just revision classes) which are affordable too (since I couldn’t find any classroom classes in Seattle) as I don’t feel very confident going with self studies. It would be a great help if you could suggest some from your experience. Thanks in advance. :)

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Priyamvada, I’ve got a post that’s perfect for you :)
      Sounds like Gleim is the one that works for you, better than Wiley and Hock in your case because the focus is on training/working on practice questions. Typically people get the CMA review system, but depending on how tight your budget is, you can consider only the test prep software.

      Hope it helps! Let me know if you have further questions. You are always welcome here. Stephanie

  92. safdar khan says

    I am a CA final student doing my articleship thinking to join this course but, will my articleship be considered as work experience.
    please reply ASAP.

    Safdar Khan

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi safdar, typically internships and trainee programs don’t count, but not sure if this is the same as articleship. You can check directly with IMA to make sure. It would be great if you can let us know IMA’s views. Thanks, Stephanie

  93. Amit says

    Hi, I am a CMA India, how many papers do I supposed to give for CMA…. any exemption available or I need to give all the papers?????

  94. Binoy Chacko says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have an MBA in Finance and planning to do the CMA course and I heard that there is a little changes in the Syllabus going to effect from 1 Jan 2015.Is it advisable to get trained and take the two exam before the changes effect. Also heard that if we take exam in sep/oct window there is great chance of passing the exam ,I mean the passing percentage will be more.Can you reply your suggestion



    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Binoy,
      Yes there are some changes coming up, not minor though. I have a write up here:

      There might be some seasonal fluctuation but I wouldn’t say a “great chance of passing” in a specific testing window. In any case IMA doesn’t publish pass rates for each window so it’s hard to verify the source. In short, I wouldn’t worry about timing the exam based on this information. Regards, Stephanie

  95. kanchetianeel says

    HI Sir,

    1.What is the age maximum limit.
    2.Maximum how many attempts are there .
    3.TOtal how many subjects are there.
    4.I am pure IT(Software) employee,is this experince sufficient or do i need extra experince for econamics .
    5.Total how much cost it will take.
    6.To comlete entire CMA,how long does it take.
    7.I am average at spoken english, that’s why i am asking.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Kanchetianeel, here are the answers to your questions:
      1. There is no age limit.
      2. Unlimited attempts, but technically you need to complete the CMA program within 3 years or else you need to pay again (but once you pay you are allowed to do it again).
      3. It’s hard to say the number of “subjects” as each exam section covers a lot of subjects… there are two exam sections for the exam.
      4. No you need to get relevant experience to get the CMA certification, but you can do it after taking the exam. For details please take a look at this page:
      5. You can get an estimate here:
      6. Typically people can complete within a year, but you can technically get it done within weeks if you can pass the two exams in one go.
      7. You won’t be tested in your communication skills in English, but there are two essays so good business writing in English is essential.

      Hope it helps! Regards, Stephanie

  96. Dhakshay says

    Hii i am dhakshay

    I am done with Indian CA inter !st group and i am pursuing my articleship under a chartered accountant in dubai. Am i eligible to join CMA? i dont have a degree.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Dhakshay, generally you need a bachelor degree to get qualified. In your case, I encourage you email the IMA directly to see if there is any way around it. They can be reached at Good luck!

      Alternatively, you can become a member of ICAI which has reciprocal agreement with the IMA.
      Regards, Stephanie

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Tanya, yes you can, but you may need to do some extra studying in basic accounting, because candidates are assumed to have basic accounting knowledge. Also, you need to work in relevant field for two years before getting the certification. Regards, Stephanie

  97. Trevor says

    Once you pass all exams and meet all other requirements how long until you receive your certification number?

  98. Asha says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have just passed my CMA Part 1 exam, I wanted to know, how much time do I have to prepare and give my Part 2 exam. Do the credits i received expire after a certain time ?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Asha,
      Congratulations! It depends on your background and knowledge on financial management, but roughly speaking, the time required is similar to what it took you for Part 1. We need to complete the CMA program within 3 years. Cheers, Stephanie

  99. nayef says

    hi , how are you , i’m nayef from jordan , can you tell me what is the bset way to study cma and i’m using the hock material .and should i write notes or just reading, i want to aske you also if i studied gliem questions is this enough .


  100. Koti Reddy Mukku says

    I am Bachelor of commerce graduate under distance education mode from Indira Gandhi National open university(IGNOU) which is a good accredited/ recognised university in India. I am having 3 years experience in Accounts and Finance related jobs. I want to do your CMA USA course. Am I eligible to appear for CMA exams and can get certified.
    Gradate means any graduate whether regular full time or through correspondence/ under distance education mode from good recognised university in India. In other words Graduate under distance education stream from good recognised university is also eligible to appear for IMA’s CMA examination and can get CMA certificate upon successful pass of his exams conducted by IMA.

    Please clarify my doubt at the earliest possible.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Koti, please check whether your school is on this list:

      If so, the IMA will most likely recognize your school.

      I am actually not the exam administrator, just someone who went through the CMA exam and want to share the experience. To get an official answer, please double check with the IMA at They are friendly people with prompt replies. Cheers, Stephanie

  101. jialin says

    hi, I’m now in my last semester of master in management, and I registered 6 credit hours in this semester. will I qualify the student discount even if I will graduate and will not get 6 credit hours after this semester?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jialin, the criteria is that you need 6 credit hours in each semester, but I believe it is calculated based on last 12 months instead of calendar year, maybe you can still get student discounts for a year. It is best to check with IMA directly at Cheers, Stephanie

  102. Pallavi Dalal says

    Hi Stephanie

    I am thinking of pursuing CMA and want to start preparing for the exam. I intend to take the exam in Jan 2015 (part I) and May 2015 (part II). I have a Bachelors in Financial Accounting and Auditing and MBA from India. Currently I am a housewife and mother of 14 month old son in USA. I have also done CFE. I graduated around 12 years back and I am not in touch with books and studies since then. I have 9 years of work experience in capital market surveillance and compliance and I am looking for job in Columbus Indiana. I had certain doubts, which I wanted to get cleared.

    1) I intend to buy the Gleim Study Material (both parts together) for preparation. Is this enough?
    2) If I buy the Gleim material in this week, will the syllabus pertain to the year 2015? The gleim website doesn’t specify anything like that.
    3) Can I start studying for the exam without registering with the IMA. I feel once I am comfortable with the material, I will register and pay the entrance fee in Nov 2014, and then schedule a exam date for Jan 2015.

    Your help is appreciated.


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Pallavi,
      Thank you for your note and I am glad that you are taking the initiative and take the CMA exam. On your first question, if you get the CMA Review System which is completely online, then you don’t need to worry about when you get it because it is regularly and automatically updated online. If you are getting anything that is text based, then it is worth noting that Part 1 will undergo some changes in Jan 2015 so in this you do want to postpone getting anything that is NOT online.

      On your second question, it is very smart for you to do that actually. I ran out of time to study myself before so I am suggesting to readers exactly what you have in mind.

      Your son must be so cute at 14 months old! It’s a great idea to take up some studies besides taking care of the little one. Please let me know if I can be helpful along the way. Cheers, Stephanie

  103. Malek says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’m an industrial engineer and I work in a manufacturing firm, during my 2 years of experience I changed many positions, first i was a production engineer, where i created cost formulas for all products and prepared production budgets from sales forecasts, then i became the acting head for production where i was responsible for purchase orders for my department in addition to the production engineer’s tasks, now I’m the acting head of quality assurance, and I’m responsible for preparing the department’s budget as well as analyzing quality costs, and cost cutting projects.

    I already passed part two and waiting for my part 1 result this week, so do you think this experience is OK with the IMA?

    Thank you

  104. Pallavi Dalal says

    Hi Stephanie

    I have ordered for the Full Gleim Review course for 2015. I have the online access, however the text books are shipped and will take some time to reach me. Since I am away from studies for a long time, I wanted to know from you, what should be the first step to start studying.

    1) I feel I should read from the text book and then visit the review course and answer the multiple choice questions.?? Whats your opinion??

    2) Does the text book cover all the topics in detail?? Eg. Definitions, examples, accounting concepts etc.

    3) I do not have the syllabus with me. Thus with no text book in hand, the Gleim review directly starts with multiple choice quiz in the study unit. With only the online review course, I feel lost.

    Need your help.


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Pallavi,
      That’s good progress! Assuming you get the CMA Review System, they actually have everything online including the text book (in electronic format, known as the Knowledge Transfer). They have a specially designed system for you to follow. I would just do that. I tried it before and it works great for me.

      2. The text book does cover things in a lot of detail, which is good and bad depending on your existing knowledge in the area. The system is supposed to help you filter some part of the book that you don’t need to study, so I encourage you to do that.

      3. Yes I know it’s odd to start with the multiple choice questions, but it is specifically designed for you to get to the studying mode, as well as to check how much you already know the material. For example, if you score 20% in the first MC, it is completely ok because it simply shows you need to study more thoroughly in the topic. If you score 90%, then you might want to skip the book and focus only on the practice questions.

      It’s totally fine if you feel uncomfortable with this new method. Just give it a try for a few days. If you still don’t like it, then email me/drop me a note here again. You can also contact your personal counselor at Gleim.

      Hope it helps? Stpehanie

  105. tom says

    I passed the CPA exam 2 years ago. i work as a cost accountant currently for the past 10 years. I wanted to take a crack the CMA exam but i am concerned about the experience requirement. I know IMA website says 2 years of Management or Financial accounting experience. Does my cost accounting experience consider management experience? does it mean a controller/manager position experience? i dont have such experience. i report to the controller directly.

  106. Shafeek says

    Hi Stpehanie,
    I am graduate from India, now i am working in Saudi Arabia the last 4 years as an Accountant. I am interested to get CMA.
    1. Is Gleim Review course enough for self study.
    2. Is it possible that to join IMA and attend exam after i self study Gleim Review course.


  107. sushant says

    i am currently 22 having no work experience giving ca finals . i m interested inthis course as its of short duration and globally recognised .. but i am confused about the work experience how can i get that … it would be hard to find one . can you guide more about the work exp requirement

  108. ronald davis says


  109. Glenda says

    HI. I’m wondering about the experience requirement. (I have a BA from an accredited university, so no problem there). I have had my own consulting/bookkeeping business for 16 years, so the CMA is perfect for me. In this case, what would be appropriate verification of my experience?


  110. Glenda says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I know I have some learning gaps. Should I do some background study before signing up with Gleim? Or, is there enough study materials to help me within the program? I see there is a suggested reading list. Should I do that first?


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Glenda, that would be great for your accounting knowledge. It’s not necessary though. If you run out of time, going through lots and lots of the practice questions work wonders. Good luck! Stephanie

      • Glenda says

        Thanks Stephanie. By the way, I contacted IMA about the job experience requirements. I’ve had my own business for 16 years. They asked me to give them some details about the nature of what I do. Once I gave them the information, they told me I meet the requirements. Thought others who are self-employed might like to know this.

  111. Harihar says

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the informative article ship. I am a sales engineer with 5 years of work exp in manufacturing sector( 1.5 years in Engg maintenance and 3.5 years in sales). After consulting with many financial experts regarding my intention to stay in Engg sector itself but to learn abt finance so that in some years down the line, this knowledge would surely help me climb the ladder soon, they advised me to take up CMA. Now my doubt is since I require 6 months of article ship/training in finance field before taking final exam , how can I manage to accomplish this crieteria as I am a full time employee and working in non finance profile ?. Also can I use grad. Acma after completing final exam if I don’t complete 3 years training ?. Please guide. Thanks in advance for your time and response.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Harihar, thank you for your note. I agree that you may need to take a closer look at how you can fulfill the experience requirements. First of all, articleship/training or what we call internships in the US is not counted as experience requirements. Also, you need to gain this experience for two consecutive years (not 6 months).

      In your case, you may need to convince your company for an internal transfer so you can accumulate the experience.

      On your last question, I am sorry but I don’t exactly know what you mean by “grad.Acma”. Could you spell this in full? Please note that the terms and education system varies in different countries.

  112. Ryan says

    I am curious if I would meet the requirements to become a CMA. I worked six years as a Staff Accountant, performing financial statement analysis, various balance sheet reconciliations, served as the equipment management support in relations to Financial activity to the operations area, LIFO restatements, and other month and year end activity. This was done at a equipment dealership, not a manufacturing company. Currently, I am a Financial Analyst, where i review budget to actual for various nonprofits, as well as provide other analytical support.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      It sounds perfectly fine to get qualified, Ryan. But if you want to make sure (which I encourage you to do), please email IMA to confirm. You should be able to do this before registering for the CMA program. Stephanie

  113. Arun says

    Hi , Stephanie I am a bit confused between CMA or MBA . What do you think which should be done first?? and one more thing which is better CMA from India or from US? or do they have equal value??
    Pls let me know ASAP..

  114. Ravi says

    Hi Stephanie

    Would appreciate if you could answer the below queries.

    1. Will i be eligible for US CMA membership if i successfully complete the CMA (ICWAI)
    2. And currently i am working as an RM for Business loan group in a bank, where we scrutinize the B/S of small companies and then grant loan or reject the file.. so will this experience be counted if i am undertaking US CMA.

  115. gaurav kawa says

    i have done my graduation …now looking for cma..
    can u plzz tell me about how much experience i need n in which field….

  116. Muhammad Jassim says

    Hello Stephanie,

    I wanted to know..

    1) What are the possible ways for an Indian to be eligible for both the CMA and ICAI qualifications?

    2) On passing the CMA exam do we get any proof that we have passed it???

    3) Does just passing the examination ( without the experience criterion) help fetch a job? Do firms employ people just on the basis of their passing the exam?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Muhammad, if you are an Indian national living outside of India while you go through the CMA program, then you should be able to make use of the MRA.

      No really on the exam itself, but once you fulfill the experience requirements, you get the certificate.

      Well you can tell the employers that you pass the exam and all you need is the experience (which hopefully can be provided by the company you are interviewing for). if the company values the CMA certification, it should be helpful. But it is of course better to have the full certification when applying for the job. Regards, Stephanie

  117. Ashily says

    I am in the last semester of (Hons.) specializing in Finance and Investment. I want to take up a Post Graduate Course before CMA. Which one gives more exemptions for the CMA exams – MBA or M.Com?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jawdat, you can email IMA with a job description and see if they give you a favorable reply. You can do that before joining the CMA program so to make sure everything works towards your certification. Regards, Stephanie

      • says

        Many thanks for your reply. I emailed them with the job description and they mentioned that my experience is qualified. In case i was chosen for further documentation. What their requirements for proof will be? I may leave my current job and i would like to request any documentation that might be needed before that.

  118. Bhuvana says

    Hello Stephanie,

    I find ICFAI university in the link you have provided, but the same is not found it in the IMA site drop down.


  119. Bhargava says

    Hi Stephine,

    I am done with my Bachelor’s in commerce in 2009 and started working in payroll domain for US firms from June 2010 till present in India, I am interested to study CMA can you guide me will this help to shape my carrier well if I go abroad or with in India and wanted to know, whether my prior experience falls under relevant experience or not.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Bhargava,
      Thanks for your note. Whether the CMA is going to help you in your job depends on your career aspiration. CMA certification is most useful in big, multi-national (and preferably US based) companies with manufacturing arm, because there are lots of costing and management accounting involved in these companies. As you move up and get involved in strategic planning and the role of COO/CFO, the CMA certification is very relevant as well. No certification can guarantee of job or a path of success, but if the above job nature interests you, then the CMA certification is a good choice. Regards, Stephanie

      • Bhargava says

        Thank you Stephanie,

        I am interested in cost and management accounting and I wanted to get involved on the same you mentioned.

        But will payroll experience come under relevant experience for certification?

  120. adeela iftikhar says

    if someone’s doing cma in pakistan is that person continue it in canda or attempt any remainig paper and will u plz provide any number to contact you

  121. Him says


    I need to join CMA on urgent basis to move ahead in life, I am aged 35 wkg in US MNC at execution level only on education side I am BCom grad, with MBA (Part Time) and CA inter, hope u help and guide me where to enroll and all, expecting a revert asap

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Him,
      The process is basically listed out in the above — so what you can do is to go to ima’s website and join the membership. If you are in a rush to get the certification, then you can join the CMA program and register for the exam immediately, mail in your transcript from school, and start studying for the exam. The registration process is straightforward and can be done within half an hour. Please let me know if you have other questions. Regards, Stephanie

  122. Vikas Kumar says

    Hi Stephanie,

    First of all, let me tank you for all those posts and helping out people with their questions related to CMA professional designation.

    I am into Management Consulting with one of the Big 4s in India and my work includes working with Banking clients in USA to analyse their compliance needs. We help solve their complex compliance and legal matters in the sense that they approach us to manage their compliance with various US Financial enactments. Would this sort of experience be counted towards the work-experience requirements towards CMA professional designation.

    Your reply post is awaited.

    Many thanks again, Stephanie !

    Vikas K.

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Vikas, thanks for your kind words! I believe your work is considered relevant because it involves financial analysis. But it is always best to check with the source — you can actually email IMA with a job description and they can confirm it for you. They can be reached at Good luck in getting a favorable reply!

  123. Pankaj Kharakwal says


    Can you tell whether the articleship/training for Chartered accountancy counts for the experience requirements of CMA??


  124. sam says

    Hi! I hav just completed my in India and I wanna be a CMA can u plzz tell the steps to persue my goal and is ter any difference between CWA and CMA if yes wats it…and plzz tell the steps and requirements to be a CMA, thanks

  125. Sajid Ali says

    Dear Stephanie Ng,

    Thank you very much for your kind help. I just passed both the parts of CMA. I am sending my experience to IMA. I have the following responsibilities as Commercial Project Controller.
    Can you please confirm, is it relevant to IMA requirements?

    • Cost Controlling & Allocation: Continuously record and monitor planned, committed and incurred cost and highlight budget constrains timely to ensure project cost to stay within budget.
    • Analyzed variances, cash flow, costs and expenses
    • Established appropriate control and feedback mechanisms on income; cost and performance versus budget and last year to influence the department to take corrective action
    • Reviewed the business related provisions and accruals raised by the projects and ensure these comply with Siemens and IFRS guidelines
    • Responsible for reporting and accounting as per regulatory and legal requirements including annual closing and accounts.
    • Monitoring, controlling and reporting of key figures of the projects e.g. Sales, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, Net Profit (at OIC/actual/EAC) and PoC.
    • Planning & Forecasting: Prepare accurately cost, sales and cash flow plan according the underlying project plans (e.g. procurement, program of works, manpower).
    • Reporting & Closing: Prepare all internal reports towards the Project Management, internal and external auditors, correct and accurate for the projects.
    • Customer: Prepare payment application to the customer by maximizing billing value and ensure timely submission.
    • Subcontractor: Evaluate, prepare and issue payment certificate as per works executed considering all contractual rights and obligations.

    Best Regards,

    Sajid Ali
    Dubai, UAE.

  126. Divya Manu says

    Hi… Iam planning to join CMA and would like to gather some information about the course.. I would like to know if there are exam centers in India where in once in registered can give the exams..

    Thanks and Regards,

  127. jhn says

    i had registered for cwa inter through online admission .i had checked my application status it is showing applied .i want to know how long it will take my application form to be confirmed by icwai.please help me with this

  128. sushmitha says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am staying in US, though i am not a resident of US. Will I be eligible for Young professional discount?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Sushmitha, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how can you “stay” in the US but not a resident? The criteria is that you need to “reside” in the US. If you stay there as an international student or H1B visa employee, I think it would be ok; if you stay there with a tourist visa, then I am afraid not.

      Regards, Stephanie

  129. Akhilesh Teri says

    hi, i am from india n we have a cma course here provided by institute of cost accountants of india. pls elaborate on that. also, can i give this cma exam from india. if yes, how?

  130. Muhammad Usman says

    Hi Stephanie – I have finally decided to proceed and register for CMA. Above you commented to drop a note for clarity on experience requirement. I work as Business/Pricing analyst for a manufacturing company and have experience in domains of (i) Transfer pricing (from FTP to End user price) (ii) Variance analysis based on cost movements making changes to Transfer prices) (iii) Bidding process for sales branches.

    An insight from you will be helpful.


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Muhammad, that’s great! Sounds like you have no problem getting qualified as long as you have (or you will have) 2 consecutive years of this or related experience. If you want to be 100% sure, you can email a job description to IMA. They will take a look and get back to you. Regards, stephanie

  131. sushmitha says

    hey stephanie,

    what i meant is , i am on h4, so i ll be staying here only for few years, in that case will i be eligible for membership discount. If i go back to India(i am citizen of India), will my membership status change from then on?

  132. Abusin says

    Hi Stephanie,
    I’m working as project manager with mechanical engineering background, recently I shifted to business development career and for that I am thinking to get the CMA and the knowledge thet it will provided for me. I am little bit concerned about how technical CMA material will be for me -as I told you I had my bachelor degree in Mechanical engineer,

  133. Ahsan says

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I want to now, is I am able for student membership or not???
    I am not a Bachelor student, my qualification is D.Com (D.Com=Intermediate).
    I am not attending any college and prepare CMA as self study.
    I am living in Pakistan and I am 25 years old.

    Dear sir/madam I know these are boring question for you may be. But I am in trouble from 2 months. Please help me!!!!


  134. Neel Biswas says

    Hi Stephanie,

    Is work experience as FI/CO consultant considered valid for CMA eligibility?

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Neel, it depends if you work involves financial / investment analysis or management. It is hard to tell from the job title, so you might want to send a job description to IMA for them to confirm. They can be reached at Good luck!

  135. Priyamvada Trivedi says

    Dear Stephanie,

    I understand after clearing both parts of CMA, a 2 year work experience needs to be shown in certain areas to qualify for a degree. Where can I find exact details regarding the categories that qualify as required work experience.


  136. jai sahu says

    Hie Stephanie,
    I am from India. I have completed graduation with first class. And currently working in travel field, which 70 percent of works related to finance but not in accounts from past 2.5 yrs.
    and I want to some good course which is recognized globally… Am planning to do CMA US course , will do my studies till I do my best and pass the exams tooo… So can I get job in mnc’S in easy way? And what are the job prospects for CMA US course in India.. How much will be my starting Salary package as freshers?? Thanku


      • jai sahu says

        Thnks for the reply,, as I saw that link it is wrote that in India it is upcoming course and it is very rare to get a job in this field…… So CIMA uk will be helpful for me as they describes good salary packages for part qualified students also and does CIMA has good demand in India

        • Stephanie Ng says

          Yes, that’s my honest opinion. If you think CIMA is better for your career prospect, go for it! It makes sense if you plan to work in India in the long term.

          Best wishes,

  137. Ankur Chaturvedi says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am a CA final student. I am currently working as accounts manager in a company in Dubai and worked as an audit assistant in Chartered Accountants firm in India for 2 years and one consultancy as Sr. Analyst in another company in Dubai too. so the total experience is more than 3 years. Am i eligible to take exemption from tow years work experience? if yes then, what documents do i need to show to the CIMA to prove this experience for taking exemption from this two years work experience.

    Ankur Chaturvedi

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Ankur,
      If your experience is full time and is consecutive, then yes, they should be ok. There is a work verification form that your supervisor can fill out and mail to IMA.

      In the form, I wouldn’t mention “exemption”, because you are not requesting exemption but instead you are showing IMA that you have fulfilled the working experience requirement.

      You can also check out the details on the requirements here:

      Hope this helps? Thanks, Stephanie

  138. shri says


    is it mandatory to have 2 year work experience? The problem is I have one and half year only in finance field.. or is there any other option.. if so please help..

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Shri, I don’t think so, but you can take the time to accumulate the experience. You can take the exam first, and by the time you are done with the exam, you probably have 2 years or more. Good luck!

  139. Paul Simon says

    Hey Stephanie. I finished my Graduation and now i am working. I wanted to enroll for the CMA exam. Which membership should i take. Professional Membership or Student Membership..? Please do revert at the earliest.

  140. Indrajit Roy says

    Hi i am currently in 2nd year bcom. I am planning to cma part 1 next year. My question is after i pass both parts will it be difficult to get the 2 years work experience, since in India icwa is more recognized. Will indian companies hire cma usa pass students without the work experience??

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Indrajit, in fact, most experience in accounting and finance can be counted as relevant. Because of this it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the 2 years as a BCOM. You are correct though that ICWA is more recognized in India, so unless you aim to work in Big US companies, it might make more sense for you to go for the ICWA. Here is my analysis:

      • Indrajit Roy says

        Thanks for the reply. The only reason i dont want to do icwa is because of its emphasis on taxation which i am not interested in. Also could you tell me if after passing both parts will i get a certificate verifying the fact which might help me start working in a company in india so that i can complete the required 2 years.

        • Stephanie Ng says

          I see. That I agree because the CMA exam doesn’t have taxation at all. You will get a mail stating that you passed the two exams. This is not an official recognition and you cannot hold yourself as a CMA with that alone, but you can certain state that you passed the exam on your CV, and in your interview you can mention that you are happy to commit to the company for longer term to gain the experience for the certification, and then add value by practicing what you have learned in the company.

  141. yasin says

    am a non-accounting student. working sector also non-accounts. its possible i can do the cma us and without knowing the account basic its possible i can clear my paper 1 & paper 2. i started my paper 1 prepartion 2 days back & planning to write my paper 1 on january 2016 and paper 2 february 2016 window. tat is gud idea. or will u suggest me please.


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Yasin, yes it is definitely possible but please expect to put in extra effort as an non-accounting major. Afterall, it is an accounting professional exam and they assume that you have basic knowledge in this field. I recommend that you get/borrow a textbook on introduction of financial accounting and start from there. Then, review Section A (or financial accounting) in Part 1 and see if you get the concepts. Hope it helps for a smooth start! Regards, Stephanie

  142. Joe says


    I am planning on taking the CMA Exam in the next year or so. I now work as a Pricing Analyst at a Law Firm, I know this position will satisfy the experience requirement. However, I was previously an Accounts Receivable Administrator at a plumbing wholesaler for 9 months. I am curious to know if this AR position could qualify as valid CMA experience. Do you know if this would qualify? It would cut down my 2 year requirement significantly.


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Joe, if your AR position involves analysis (i.e. not clerical work such as uploading JEs) then it should still count. If you want to make sure, you can always send your job description to IMA at for them to take a look. IMA has been doing a good job giving you a clear indication. Regards, Stephanie

  143. ABDUL says

    hey.. i am appearing in cma part1 paper in may/june window last time i failed to score 360 score n get only 310. i am good in calculations but there was alaot of theory related MCQs but i pass through MCQs section … i want to know that how sould i attempt essay type section means answer should be brief or to the point… regards

  144. jpop Soki says

    i’m a student at faculty of commerce cairo universty i’m about to graduate after 1 month and i wanna take cma and i’m wondering is it possible to study Cma in my own (Self-Study) and pass the exam !!!

    BTW my english is not my first language and my english is not that good would you please advise me what i’m suppose to do ??


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Jpop, certainly you can study on your own. Most candidates in the US do that anyway and they have pretty good passing rates.
      From what you wrote to me, I think your command of English is very good. Just start practicing using proper business writing, that is, all the capital letters in the right place, and writing “I am” instead of “I’m”. I am quite sure you know all these but in order to write quickly in business writing on the exam day, you need to get used to writing in this style all the time.

      I also have other tips for the essay here:
      And this mega post on all my tips here:


  145. vishnu says

    hi sir,
    i completed my degree ( and am planning to do CMA (india).my qstn is.. does indian CMA have gud scope in foreign countries like US…or shld i do CMA (us) along wth this to get a gud job in abroad ?

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Vishnu,
      The honest answer is that I don’t think Indian CMA is recognized outside of India… maybe in adjacent countries, but not in North America and Europe. If you have long term plans to work overseas, CMA (US) is a better idea. Or if you have specific location in mind (e.g. Australia), then aim for the local qualification. Here is more info on management accounting qualifications around the world:

  146. says

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    the most common areas it effects are the face and neck, forehead, forearms, cheeks, elbows,
    legs and scalp. The main aim of the eczema treatment is to control the symptoms,
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  147. Jacqueline says

    I couldn’t find an answer on the IMA website, so I’m hoping you can help. How do you get notified of your grade for the CMA? Regular postal mail? Or email?


        • Stephanie Ng says

          Hi Jacqueline, yes, it is always 6 weeks after the end of the month you take the exam. This means 40 days / six weeks if you take it at the end of the month, and more if you take it earlier in the month. There are usually more candidates taking the exam at the end of the month and I guess minimizing the waiting is one of the reasons. Hope it helps, Stephanie

  148. Ajit Saini says

    Hi, I have been working in finance department in an indian company. i am taking care of Accounts Receivables. I just want to know that am i eligile for CMA exams. I am having batchlor’s degree for the recognised university.
    Please let me know this urgently. becasue i want to start preparing for this.

    Thanks !!!

    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Ajit, thanks for your note. If your role involves analysis of accounts receivables, I am quite sure it is ok. But if it only involves upload journal entries for example, it would be a bit of a stretch. So it really depends. I encourage that you write a job description to IMA specifying your specific role within accounts receivable, and wait for their reply. This way you are certain that you can proceed with the application. Good luck and let us know how it goes! Stephanie

  149. Aleksandar says

    Hello Stephanie,

    I have completed a bachelor degree from recognized university. For the last 7 years I have been working for large manufacturing corporation listed on NYSE in position of Cost Controller (plant is over-seas). Finally, yesterday I was informed that I have passed Exam No. 1. While I am getting ready for Exam No. 2, I would like to submit my Work Experience Qualification form. However, it is not 100% clear to me if I can submit this at this stage, or do I have to wait to pass both exams? Confusion arose when I saw one of the Work Experience Qualification forms that started with statement: “Congratulations on completing the CMA examinations!”.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me a bit more on what I can do in order to obtain official approval that I satisfy Educational and Work qualifications? Is it as simple as just completing the forms? Should I wait to complete both exams?

    Many thanks upfornt!!


    • Stephanie Ng says

      Hi Aleksandar, that’s great news, and congrats on passing Part 1!
      Assuming you are taking Part 2 shortly, you can start preparing for the work verification form. Yes it is quite easy as long as you have a supervisor ready to verify the experience for you. Your experience is perfectly fine, so not an issue at all.

      While you can get this done now, you can also choose to do this after passing both exams. Doesn’t really matter. Regards, Stephanie

  150. SAFEENA says

    This is really informative website for me, it erase a lot of doubts in ma mind regarding cma, thank you sir

  151. Nazarius Hedi says

    Hi there,

    I am intended to get the certification in order to higher my qualification status. I am eligilble to take the course, but in the registration form I was asked to choose a non-ima creditation. What is this actually? and can you advise me which course and exam should I take as a finance and control beginner?
    thank you, kind regards


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